By iSIGN Media

Introducing iSIGN Media's Security Alert Messaging or SAM

The iSIGN SAM solution combines digital signage and extensive real time mobile device messaging to quickly notify users of a security event and provide them with timely information to support their safely exiting an area. SAM can ensure that users risk of injury is dramatically reduced by providing them with the information that they desperately need in a time of crisis and thereby reduce risk to public space administrators including municipalities, campuses, shopping centers, etc. Multiple communication channels ensure user connections. These include digital signage and mobile messaging that incorporates SMS text, email, Bluetooth direct messaging and mobile web over Wi-Fi. To ensure that users are connected to SAM and to monetize SAM installs, use it for advertising, promotion or even user loyalty support. Then, when it is needed, SAM can engage and direct users to a safe and secure location.

SAM Benefits

  • Comprehensive. Engage with everyone in all public space locations using digital signage and mobile device screens. Get user's attention regardless of whether they are looking up or down at their device screen.
  • Effective. Route users to safety using content that includes static graphics, animations and videos.
  • Heroic. Track Wi-Fi connected or Bluetooth discoverable device users presence in real time when they are near Smart Antenna devices. Show rescuers the proximity of these users to support faster rescue.
  • Fast. In a matter of seconds reach out to tens of thousands of users over multiple communication paths.
  • Cost-Effective. Leverage SAM's communication support for advertising, promotion or even full support for user loyalty. Revenue from these activities turns SAM into a revenue positive solution.
  • Flexible. Provide users with the ability to filter promotional content to ensure that they are happy, engaged and much more likely to use SAM frequently.
  • Reliable. Engage SAM users before an event occurs by providing them with beneficial messaging every day. Then, feel confident that SAM messages will reach users if an event should occur.
  • Extensible. Add messaging support to your existing app.
  • Measurable. Track SAM user engagement via email receptions, mobile message, web page and app screen views.

SAM Features

  • Digital signage integration supports display of emergency, advertising and promo content on an unlimited number of screens. The integrated signage platform supports both indoor and outdoor signage installs. Support for display of dynamic content such as news and weather is also available.
  • Rich messaging options are from a variety of supported all-weather field devices. In each case, users will be able to opt-in or out of messaging.
    • Smart Antenna devices reach out to mobile phones directly (no carrier fees) using Bluetooth push messaging of graphic files. Additionally, Smart Antennas function as on open Wi-Fi access points with captive web portal for automatic display of web content within a mobile phone browser. No app install is required for Smart Antenna messaging to mobile devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
    • SAM digital signage platforms also broadcast Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone beacons (simultaneously). These beacons can signal installed iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile apps to display specific screens (with emergency, advertising or promo content) or they can work with without app install. The iPhone resident Wallet app can display content when signalled by an iBeacon and Android devices can display web content or launch an app for content display when signalled by an Eddystone beacon.
    • The SAM server can send out SMS text messaging to users that have opted in and provided their mobile phone number.
    • The SAM Server can also send out email messages to users that have opted in and provided their email address.
  • All SAM messaging is controlled by operators from a centralized cloud-based dashboard. The SAM dashboard supports setup of synchronized immediate emergency messages as well as schedulable content for advertising and promotions. In addition to content control, the SAM dashboard support monitoring of all field devices to ensure that the SAM system is always up and running with 100 percent messaging capability. The SAM dashboard also supports filtering and reporting of user engagement statistics.
  • A SAM web-based, customizable front end supports user opt-in to receive messaging of all types. Additionally, the front end supports user preference selection to ensure that all emergency messages and only advertising and promo messages of interest are received by users. The SAM front end can be customized to support operator branding with selectable language, color scheme and brand graphics.
  • The SAM solution can be added to any network of iSIGN devices that have already been installed - at any location and time.
  • SAM is offered in all locations with no user costs. Users can opt-in and receive emergency, advertising and promotional messages with no SAM system fees.

How SAM Works for Users

Users will follow the 3 simple steps below to join SAM and then enjoy SAM benefits.

  1. Users become SAM members by providing information such as their Name, email address, and mobile phone number. Email addresses and mobile phone numbers must be validated by each member to avoid spam (e.g. someone can provide another person's email or mobile phone to start unsolicited messaging to that other person). Users can become members using any of the following portals:
    1. When at a SAM location, users can connect to an iSIGN Smart Antenna using Wi-Fi. Web content exposed over the Smart Antenna connection will support joining SAM within their browser.
    2. Users can visit the SAM website from any location.
    3. Users can install and launch the SAM iPhone or Android App. Within these apps, they can join SAM.
  2. After joining SAM, members select preferred categories for incoming messages. By default all emergency messages are enabled for members. They can elect to (optionally) receive informative or promotional messages from SAM operators such as shopping malls, municipalities, airports, sporting venues, e.t.c. Messages can include upcoming event info, retailer offers, etc.
  3. SAM members can receive messages via all of the following messaging techniques simultaneously:
    1. Smart Antenna Wi-Fi Connections. Members connected to Smart Antennas via Wi-Fi will commonly view nonessential messaging (typically informative or promotional messaging) within their mobile device browser. When an emergency occurs, substitute content will be automatically loaded within their browser. This can include simple text or more elaborate pre-developed video or animations showing members the safest course of action to take to avoid danger.
    2. Digital Signage Screens. SAM operators that have installed digital signage screens will commonly display nonessential informative or promotional material on screens to both members and the general public. When an emergency event occurs, screen content will change to display simple text, videos or animations (along with audio) showing all patrons the fastest way to safety.
    3. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. iPhones and Android phones (with the SAM app installed) receiving SAM beacon signals can notify members of new nonessential and emergency messages. These notifications can be configured to include phone sounds and vibrations and they can be configured to show up on users lock screens as well as within the Notification Center (iPhone) and Notification Bar (Android). This ensures the best chance to gain members attention regardless of whether they are currently using their phone or not. Some phones can be directed to message content within their browser without an installed app.
    4. Text Messages. When members have entered and validated their mobile phone number, simple text messages can be sent to them (typically informative or promotional messages but emergency messages when required).
    5. Email Messages. After members have validated their email address, rich email messages (can include text, graphics, or web links) can be sent to them (typically informative or promotional messages but emergency messages when required).

How SAM Works for Operators

Operators will typically follow the steps below to support member emergency and nonessential messaging.

  1. Install new SAM field devices or leverage existing devices. These can include:
    1. Smart Antennas
    2. Digital Signage Screens and Player Devices.
    3. Beacon Transmitters
  2. Brand the available SAM reference content and apps to support users joining your branded SAM system and receiving messages.
  3. Leverage the SAM Backend or Dashboard to schedule messaging content to field devices, email servers and text message (SMS) servers.
  4. When required, preempt informative and promotional messages by selecting pre-developed rich emergency messages or quick text emergency messages for display on all messaging channels simultaneously.


Select this link to become a SAM member. After creating an account, ensure that you validate both your email address and mobile phone number to get test SAM messages (select “click to verify now” under both email and text fields).

After selecting “click to verify now” under an email address, members will immediately receive a confirmation email that includes a button. Pressing the button will validate the email address and the member can then begin receiving SAM emails.

After selecting “click to verify now” under a mobile phone number, a numeric entry will be shown and a numeric code is immediately sent to the mobile phone. Entering this code within the numeric entry provided will validate the phone number and the member can begin receiving SAM text messages.

In the near future, SAM apps will be available for download and demo use.